FIM Papers

FIM commissions background papers, analyses and studies to support our programming; often, our conferences and forums are based on research papers developed in advance of our meetings. Like all of our research, we view papers as an important means to collect, reflect upon and disseminate civil society practitioner knowledge around multilateral engagement.


The Demands for New Development Models at the Center of the Peoples’ Revolutions in the Arab Region: Threats from Multilateral and Regional Financial and Development Institutions
Mohamadieh, Kinda
Keywords: Arab Spring, international financial institutions, Western policy advice, foreign assistance

Arab Civil Society Power Transactions Locally and Multilaterally
Badran, Hoda
Keywords: civil society, Egypt, Arab Spring, grassroots advocacy, revolution, democratization


Complex Global Shocks and the New Challenges for Civil Society
Hossain, Naomi
Keywords: global economy, 2008 financial crisis, economic shocks, local institutions, inflationary recovery


Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Overview and Analysis
Keywords: multilateral, history, institutional structure, reform, human rights, civil society engagement,


A Study of Formal Relationships between Civil Society and Multilateral Bodies:  Accreditation and Other Consultative Modalities
Kamiya, Motoyo
Keywords: multilateral engagement, Muslim communities, civil society accreditation, consultative accreditation, lessons learned,

Security for a Civil Society
Laliberté, Christine
Key words: national security policy, war on terror, politics of aid, human security, state security, participatory governance

Carold Framing Paper
Martin, Nigel
Key words: Canada, voluntarism, democracy, globalization, global governance vacuum, democratic deficit


The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Useful Instrument or Distraction?
Foster, John
Keywords: Millennium Development Goals, poverty eradication, international development, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, multilateral opportunities

Promising Visions and Strategies to Advancing Global Democracy
Riker, James
Keywords: global democracy, democratic participation, global governance institutions, resource deficit, institutional capacity, vision deficits

Democratisation of Global Governance
Tandon, Rajesh
Keywords: G20, governance deficit, trans-border policy issues, United Nations, enforcement mechanisms, multilateralism, democratic legitimacy, citizen participation


UN’s Social Conference Process and the Social Watch Experience
Roque, Atila
Keywords: poverty eradication, gender equity, global policy agenda, Millennium Development Goals (MDG)


Futures Beyond Threats
Foster, John
Keywords: governance gap, democratic deficit, socio-economic governance, human rights, international financial institution


Civil Society and the UN Plus-5 Conferences
Chiriboga, Manuel
Keywords: Kyoto Protocol, lessons learned, women’s networks, global structure, governance

Global Conferences and Global Civil Society in the 1990s
Abugre, Charles
Keywords: pluralistic governance, global power relations, international aid discourse, transnational coalitions, North-South divide


From Destitution to Security: The Treatment of Leprosy
Gokhale, S.
Keywords: Leprosy, capacity building, participative rehabilitation, technology transfer, self-help


The Globalization of Civil Society?
Keywords: transnationalism, policy advocacy, networks, institutional structures, agreement monitoring

UNAIDS: NGOs on Board and on the Board
Altman, Dennis
Keywords: HIV, AIDS, governance, representation, health, development

Civil Society and the Establishment of the International Criminal Court
Almeida, Iris
Keywords: international criminal court, public awareness, ratification, Rome Statute, peacekeeping

ECOSOC and NGOs: A Review of the Review
Adams, Barbara
Keywords: formal interaction, NGO consultation, institutional participation, consultative status