FIM Case Studies

Practitioner case studies are FIM’s signature contribution to the creation and dissemination of civil society experience and knowledge. Since 1999, FIM has produced over 35 case studies across our programming areas. These studies have been disseminated through forum proceedings, in a book published in 2009, and are available on our website.

FIM has introduced a peer review process designed to enhance the quality and validity of practitioner case studies and to add a more participatory, collaborative learning element to the process of developing these studies.


The Poverty Reduction Strategy Tracking Network and the Post MDG Debates: Informing the United Nations and Shaping Global Governance
Qazzaz, Hadeel
Keywords: Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), civil society, grassroots organizations, Liberia, fragile states


The Blue Mountain Project: Converging Agriculture, Environment and Human Rights Networks
Spieldoch, Alexandra
Keywords: food and agriculture, environment, human rights network, international financial institutions, CIVICUS


Reforming the World Bank: NGOs and the Wolfowitz Resignation
Edwards, Beatrice
Keywords:Wolfowitz resignation, oversight mechanisms, governance crisis, ad hoc coalitions, informal engagement

A Study of Nepal’s Constituent Assembly Election: The Influence of Civil Society and the Multilateral System
Nepali, Rohit Kumar
Keywords: political parties, electoral processes, election monitoring, international election observers, constitution writing


AsiaDHRRA and ASEAN: A Case Study on the Process of Civil Society Engagement with a Regional Intergovernmental Organization
Ramirez, Marlene
Keywords: civil society engagement, regional intergovernmental organization, opportunities for engagement, regional solidarity, lessons learned

Impacting MERCOSUR’s gender policies: Experiences, Lessons Learned, and the Ongoing Work of Civil Society in Latin America
Espino, Alma
Keywords: women’s movements, unionist women, gender politics, regional integration agreements, social issues

Reforming the International Aid System: Transnational Struggles Over Big Dams for Sustainable Development
Khagram, Sanjeev
Keywords:  transnationalism, foreign aid, sustainable development, international aid governance, historical narrative


Security and Citizens: New Definitions and New Partnerships with Local Government
Khosla, Punam
Keywords: local and global democracy, racialized and gendered poverty, social citizenship, poor neighborhoods, Toronto, marginalized women, multiculturalism

The FIM G8 Project, 2002-2006
Martin, Nigel
Keywords: Kananaskis, civil society participation, multi-stakeholder consultation, best practices, lessons learned

Porto Alegre and the Participatory Budget: Civic Education, Politics and the Possibilities for Replication
Abers, Rebecca
Keywords: Civic education, radical democratization, participatory budget process, social learning, political innovation

Capacity Building in Kitamaat
Selman, Mark
Keywords: globalization, corporations, international trade, indigenous populations, environmental groups

Democratizing Knowledge: The Experience of University-Community Research Partnerships
Vaillancourt, Yves
Keywords: university-community partnership, democratizing knowledge, reflexive practitioner, community organizations

Équiterre: From Idealism to Individual and Political Activism
Ribaux, Sidney
Keywords: environmental consciousness, consumption, grassroots initiatives, citizens’ movement, collective choices


The Darfur Consortium, the UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court (ICC):Taking First Steps Towards Justice in Darfur
Elgak, Abdelmonim Hag
Keywords: Darfur, international criminal court, crimes against humanity, protection of civilians, capacity building, human rights

CEDAW, Our Unrealized Dream
Abbasgholizadeh, Mahboubeh
Keywords: Muslim communities, Iran, women’s issues, human rights, constitutional law, good governance, democratization, legal reform


Civil Society Organizations and the PRSP Process in Bangladesh: Lessons Learned Karim, Mahbubul
Keywords: poverty eradication, Bangladesh, heavily indebted country, development policy support lending, international financial institutions

Developing Strategies for Effective Civil Society Involvement within the PRSP Processes: Lessons Learned from the Uganda Experience
Nyamugasira, Warren
Keywords: civil society engagement, multilateral donors, poverty eradication, multi-stakeholder partnership, informal networks, insider-outsider strategy


Civil Society and the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
Egziabher, Tewolde
Keywords: biotechnology, environmental hazard, global regulations, United States, hegemony

The Campaign to Ban Antipersonnel Mines — Potential Lessons
Goose, Stephen
Keywords: antipersonnel mines, intergovernmental cooperation and coordination, international security, collective action problem, new diplomacy

Jubilee and the multilateral institutions
Pettifor, Ann
Keywords: North-South alliances, democratization, international financial institutions, global governance, debt crisis, debt relief

A Review of the International Hunger Debate and an Emerging Popular Coalition
Quizon, Antonio
Keywords: poverty alleviation, malnutrition, international development, food security, United Nations (UN)


Civil Society’s Interaction with the WTO
Khor, Martin
Keywords: transparency, information flow, development and poverty, environment, labour unions, consumer organizations

The NGO Steering Committee and Multi-Stakeholder Participation at the UN Commission on Sustainable Development
Howell, Megan
Keywords: multi-stakeholder participation, International Facilitating Committee (IFC), collective action, Commission on Sustainable Development (CDS), International Non-Governmental Organizations Forum (INGOF), transparency, institutional obstacles

NGOs and the World Bank: Lessons and Challenges
Chiriboga, Manuel
Keywords: Non-governmental organizations (NGO), international financial institutions, global advocacy, regional action, International Development Agency (IDA)