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Global Governance, Civil Society and Participatory Democracy: A view from below
By Nigel Martin and Rajesh Tandon
Academic Foundation, 2014

Written by FIM’s Founding CEO Nigel Martin and FIM’s Founding Board Chair Rajesh Tandon, the book addresses Southern civil society-led democratization efforts and engagement with a wide range of multilateral institutions and fora such as the Commonwealth, the OIC, the OIF, the G8, G20 and BRICS. 

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FIM authors have also contributed to several books, all of which are available online:

Global Civil Society: Shifting Powers in a Shifting World

Edited by Heidi Moksnes and Mia Melin
Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development, 2012 [Full version]

Democratizing Global Governance: Ten Years of Case Studies and Reflections by Civil Society Activists

Edited by Heather MacKenzie
Mosaic Books, 2009

Critical Mass: The Emergence of Global Civil Society

Edited by James W. St.G. Walker and Andrew S. Thompson
Wilfrid Laurier University Press
, 2008 [Full version]