Civil Society Principles

Principles for the Engagement of Civil Society Organizations with Multilateralism

One of FIM’s major accomplishments to date has been the development of the Principles for the Engagement of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with Multilateralism, which aim to capture the ideal values and standards of conduct for CSO engagement with the multilateral system. These principles are drawn directly from practitioner experience and knowledge shared during FIM forums and conferences, and documented in our case studies and reports. They reflect our commitment to capturing and disseminating the unique understanding and lessons learned by civil society practitioners themselves.

Local, national, regional and international civil society organizations and alliances have implemented these principles in their important work. To date, and through extensive consultation and sharing, we have identified eight principles:

  1. CSOs build and maintain local-to-global and global-to-local links.
  2. CSOs document and disseminate their practitioner knowledge.
  3. CSOs embrace the full diversity of their sector.
  4. CSOs understand the broad context of global governance.
  5. CSOs are willing to engage and to disengage diplomatically with those who do not share their vision of the common good.
  6. CSOs are actively committed to their long-term vision and goals.
  7. CSOs are open and transparent about whom they represent and to whom they are accountable.
  8. CSOs align their practice with their values.