What We Do

Democratizing Global Governance: The FIM Approach

Since 1998, FIM-Forum for Democratic Global Governance (FIM) has worked to create dialogue and democratize global governance so that civil society actors worldwide can participate in public policy discussions and decisions that affect us all. FIM addresses the challenge of integrating the “missing voices” of civil society in three important and interconnected ways:

  • FIM sparks and fosters ongoing dialogue. We regularly bring together diverse groups — from activists to academics, students to policy makers — and design opportunities and spaces for participants to discuss current global governance issues, share perspectives, ideas and experiences, and learn from one another.
  • FIM pursues knowledge. We capture the vast — but largely undocumented — experience and knowledge of civil society practitioners and provide concrete, transferrable strategies and lessons learned to a wide range of global governance actors. These resources also demonstrate how democratic global governance can have a positive impact on local and regional democracy.
  •  FIM employs quiet diplomacy. We create and support opportunities for civil society advocates around the world to interact directly with global governance bodies. This direct connection often results in better understanding and makes it possible for all voices — including those previously unheard — to influence international decision making.

FIM is a neutral convening body that works to design and facilitate opportunities for informed dialogue. We do not try to develop consensus documents or position statements that represent “one voice.” Instead, we bring together a number of voices that may normally go unheard and capture diverse experiences, lessons, and strategies that reflect a variety of views, innovative ideas and proposals, in response to roadblocks and challenges.

We favour learning over confrontational approaches, policy dialogue rather than policy positioning, and an informal and adaptive process of deliberation, facilitated by an expert, over a rigid didactic methodology.

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