FIM Forums

FIM’s signature activity is our international FIM Forum. Since 1998, we have brought together hundreds of civil society and global governance actors in important and highly participatory dialogues on multilateralism and the democratization of global governance. Each forum focuses on a theme as selected by the FIM Board of Directors.

The objective of every FIM Forum is threefold:

  1. To strengthen the capacity of international civil society to contribute to the democratization of global governance through influencing and impacting the multilateral system;
  2. To support the documentation and dissemination of civil society practitioner knowledge and scholarship; and
  3. To ensure the participation of a diversity of civil society sectors, networks and organizations.

Our global conferences are larger in size and allow us to convene even more civil society and global governance actors in informed dialogue. Moreover, FIM aims to maintain a gender and regional balance at our conferences. 

In preparation for all of these events, FIM commissions civil society practitioner case studies and discussion overview papers to gather the most advanced knowledge and experience available.

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 Civil Society and Regional Multilateralism


Civil Society’s Impact on the Multilateral Sphere: Lessons Learned and Future Directions


Civil Society, Poverty Eradication Strategies and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Gaborone, Botswana (March 25, 2004) Mumbai, India (January 18, 2004) Abuja, Nigeria (December 4, 2003)


Turning UN Agreements into Action: The Role of Civil Society in the Monitoring and Implementation of Multilateral Agreements


Promoting Human Security: Civil Society Influence


Civil Society Engaging Multilateral Institutions: At the Crossroads

  • On September 9-10, 1999, in Montreal, Canada, FIM convened “Civil Society Engaging Multilateral Institutions: At the Crossroads.” Forum attendees focused their attention on a series of cases studies of civil society’s interactions with six multilateral entities.

    Montreal Forum Report: Civil Society Engaging Multilateral Institutions: At the Crossroads (1999)