FIM’s Civil Society – BRICS Engagement Initiative is a trans-BRICS civil society project that sees the multilateral grouping of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa as having increasing impacts on development issues, policies and practices in these five countries, as well as globally. The countries of this grouping are some of the world’s fastest growing economies and home to almost three billion people. However, BRICS has no formal dialogue with its civil societies.

Launched in Stockholm, Sweden in November 2011, the Civil Society-BRICS Engagement Initiative has commissioned research and convened in-country events in BRICS member states with the following objectives:

  • To initiate legitimate and meaningful dialogue between global civil society leaders and the BRICS; and
  • To provide opportunities for global civil society leaders to influence the BRICS agenda.

Thus far, the Civil Society-BRICS Engagement Initiative has convened seven events, bringing together over 150 civil society activists, academics and government officials:

  • New Delhi, India (March 2012)
  • Beijing, China (August 2012)
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil (November 2012)
  • Johannesburg, South Africa (February 2013)
  • Johannesburg, South Africa – international meeting (March 2013)
  • New Delhi, India (May 2013)
  • Moscow, Russia (June 2013)

Continued research and in-country events throughout member states are expected, with a focus on creating new opportunities for engagement, particularly around new BRICS entities and the upcoming 2014 Summit in Brazil.

Read the Civil Society – BRICS Engagement Initiative Synthesis Paper

The Civil Society – BRICS Engagement Initiative is coordinated in partnership with PRIA International of India.