FIM Programmes

FIM’s programming reflects its unique niche in mobilizing practitioner knowledge and bringing forward the missing voices of civil society around issues that affect us all. In so doing, we work to build the important interface between civil society and multilateral institutions. All of our programmes are designed to leverage FIM’s convening capacity to facilitate the engagement of civil society actors from the global South, as well as specific multilateral bodies identified by our Board of Directors.

FIM provides a neutral and impartial setting that always focuses on dialogue, reflection and active learning. Most importantly, we encourage and value the sharing of many different viewpoints that may otherwise go unheard and unheeded.

Around the world, we convene civil society forums, conferences, projects and initiatives that bring civil society and global multilateral actors together through “quiet diplomacy.” FIM believes in creating safe spaces where everyone can feel free to share their views; we respect and employ the Chatham House Rule.

We continue to explore and develop projects and programmes in response to the ever-changing arena of global governance. Learn more about our programming: