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After 16 years of operations FIM-Forum for Democratic Global Governance has closed its Montréal secretariat due to lack of funds. In the coming months FIM’s Board of Directors will oversee an interim assessment period to decide FIM’s future. During this time FIM’s key programme, Building Bridges, will be operated from its affiliate, South Asia Partnership – Pakistan (SAP-PK).

The decision to close the Montréal secretariat came about following concerted efforts to build and diversify FIM’s funding base and to establish a southern FIM headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. In the end, new funds were not secured in time to support the continued operation of FIM’s Montréal secretariat and escalating security and risk factors in Nigeria necessitated suspension of activities to open the FIM Abuja office.

FIM has been a pioneer in its mission to bring the missing voices of the global south to the decision making arenas of global multilateralism – to democratize global governance. Keeping FIM’s unique niche alive remains important to civil society and to a growing movement for participatory global governance. How to accomplish this will be FIM’s focus in the coming months.

Honorable Nkoyo Toyo (Chair and Interim CEO)
On Behalf of the FIM Board of Directors

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