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FIM Book Launched in Delhi

On November 11th, Global Governance, Civil Society and Participatory Democracy – A View from Below was launched in Delhi in coordination with PRIA.

The book launch and panel discussion titled “India in the Future: Deepening EngagemenDelhi launch 13ts in Global Alliances,” was held at the India International Centre in central Delhi. Preceded by a short reception, the panel, consisting of the authors Nigel Martin and Rajesh Tandon, and Kumi Naidoo of Greenpeace, was moderated by a representative of the book’s publisher, Academic Foundation.

Attended by over 40 Indian and international policy makers, academics, students and civil society leaders, the panel highlighted the rise of participatory democracy, trends in India’s engagement in global alliances and the need to work simultaneously at various levels in order to influence governance systems.

Learn more about the event here

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