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This year, FIM participated in CIVICUS’s International Civil Society Week    in Johannesburg, South Africa.

From November 21-24th , civil society from every corner of the world met to share, learn and collaborate under the theme “Citizen Action, People Power.” As part of the proceedings, FIM’s Nigel Martin presented during the session “Citizens Transforming Global Governance” alongside Danny Sriskandarajah (CIVICUS), Alan Fowler (Erasmus and Kwazu Natal Universities), Simona Costanzosow (UN Volunteers) and Mandeep Tiwana (CIVICUS) on November 23rd. Highlighting the disconnect between global governance and what people really want, the session explored FIM’s work to engage multilateral actors, the growth of participatory democracy, the globalization and privatization of governance, representivity and recent examples of the double democratic deficit, as discussed in CIVICUS’s State of Civil Society report.

Forty participants shared their experiences in engaging with global governance mechanisms, discussed issues of transparency and the need for significant reform. The dialogue then turned to the need for accountability from all governance actors, and timeframes for governance change, as well as emphasis on CS credibility over representivity in dealing with multilateral institutions.

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