About Us

Truly accountable global governance means that everyone’s voice is heard.

FIM-Forum for Democratic Global Governance (FIM) is an international non-governmental organization committed to creating a more just world, where values of equality, justice, freedom, peace, dignity and well-being for all play an integral role in global governance. Simply put, FIM envisions a world where everyone’s voice is heard.

To realize this vision, global governance bodies — including multilateral institutions such as the United Nations and the G20 — must be open and accountable to all the people they are meant to serve. However, in order to have a meaningful impact, civil society must have both the capacity and the opportunity to do so. This is often a considerable challenge for those from the global South and others whose voices regularly go unheard and unanswered — including the poor, women, youth and minority ethno-cultural communities.

Since 1998, FIM has worked to create dialogue and democratize global governance so that the “missing voices” of civil society can participate in the public policy discussions and decisions that affect us all. Our goals and activities are guided by the values of inclusion and democracy, pluralism and flexibility, transparency and accountability, and learning and innovation.

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